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10 Reasons Why Consumers Abandon Online Shopping Carts & How to Fix Them


We were thrilled to be featured on Hubspot’s renowned marketing blog (read by over 400,000 people!) recently.Here is an excerpt of the piece:

A study by Baymard Institute found that 68.5% of consumers abandon their online shopping carts.

That equals a lot of lost revenue for brands.

The more concerning issue is that many online sellers don’t understand why people abandon their shopping carts. Without this, brands can’t implement a fix.

To get you started on your path to discovering why people are leaving their shopping carts, consider these 10 ideas:

1) You aren’t utilizing a preemptive system.

Without a systemized method for tracking campaigns, it’s difficult to know what you are doing wrong. Before even turning on your campaigns, discover exactly how much you are losing and your actual recovery potential through a checkout diagnostic tool. Create weekly assessment reports that help you identify the leakages in your checkout and provide insight around your checkout process before you even turn your campaigns live. This way, you can minimize losing out on ROI.

2) You aren’t capturing emails.

When you don’t capture consumer emails, you lose out on the critical ability to remarket to visitors and keep leads in your sales funnel. To optimize email captures, use popups to prompt shoppers to enter an email address or create a membership-only site that requires login credentials. These methods will allow you to track shopping carts and email users when their carts have been idle for a set period of time. The result is that you can market directly to your consumer with gentle reminders such as changes in price or stock quantity.

3) You aren’t leveraging incentives.

To capture unsure consumers, you should use incentives to keep them coming back. While a reminder email is a good place to start to let users know they have items left in their shopping cart, sometimes they need additional incentive to make their purchase. Implement creative email sequences that will give your shoppers extra incentives, such providing a discount code or highlighting a promotion or offer that will prompt them to make their purchase.

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