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Understand Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate… and Lower It!




We at AbandonAid understand more than most the one problem that affects every online shop in the world: shopping cart abandonment. Cart abandonment occurs when shoppers add items to their online cart and then log off without completing the checkout process.


Why do shoppers abandon their carts? Should you track this information, and, if so, what should you do with this information? What steps can you take to prevent shopping cart abandonment and/or convert abandoned carts into sales? You’ve got questions, and we’ve got your answers right here.

Why Shoppers Abandon Carts

Shoppers abandon their carts for a variety of reasons, many of which are directly related to your product, service, or online store, and a few that are unrelated altogether. Some of the most common reasons shoppers abandon their carts include:

  • The cost of shipping is higher than they expected
  • The time it will take the item to leave the store or arrive on their doorstep is longer than they expected
  • The checkout process is too complicated
  • They’re forced to create an account
  • They see a field for promotional code but are unable to find an active code
  • The method of payment they would like to use is not accepted by the website
  • They’re unfamiliar with the company and unsure if their data will be secure
  • They are checking several websites and have found a better deal or more suitable item
  • They can’t find enough information to ensure the item will suit their needs, such as compatibility, measurements, etc.
The Benefits of Tracking Data

There are multiple reasons why it’s important to keep an accurate record of abandoned carts. First of all, an increase in your shopping cart abandonment rate may alert you to an issue with your product, service, website, checkout process, or shopper experience. Analyzing the contents of abandoned carts and the stage at which they were abandoned might help you pinpoint and resolve the issue at hand.

Furthermore, tracking the contact information and cart contents of those who abandoned carts can allow you to get in touch with these people, and either remind them of the items in their cart, offer additional incentives to complete the checkout process, or, if nothing else, get information about why they abandoned their cart in the first place.

How to Track Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are many solutions, like AbandonAid and others, available to companies who want to track cart abandonment. Some of the information that will be most valuable to you when tracking cart abandonment includes:

  • Contact information for the customer
  • Items in the customer’s cart
  • The total cost of the customer’s abandoned purchase
  • How far the customer made it in the checkout process and which page they did not proceed through
Converting Abandoned Carts to Sales

The most effective cart abandonment solutions can provide you with proven methods to convert abandoned carts to sales. The process most often involves sending a cart abandonment email  to customers who have abandoned a cart. The email is typically persuasive in nature, accurately reflecting the voice of your company, and coaxing potential customers to complete their order and enjoy their new items.

Preventing Cart Abandonment

Both converting abandoned carts to sales and preventing cart abandonment in the first place are vital opportunities for online stores. By analyzing the data available to you (at which step in the process the cart was abandoned, for example), you can refine your item descriptions, checkout process, or accepted payment methods to address the issues of concern for customers and lower your cart abandonment rate.

It is a priority for us to help online businesses understand the importance of cart abandonment, why it happens, and how they can fix it. Whether you take the necessary steps to combat cart abandonment on your own, or use a partner like AbandonAid, this issue is an important one to understand and tackle. If you have any questions about cart abandonment and the ways to lower it, feel free to reach out–we’re always happy to talk more about our favorite topic!

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