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Meet Our Community Manager, Rachel!


Photo credit: David Zimand

Hey there. My name is Rachel. I am a mom of 9 kids, an athlete, a dancer, and a bass guitarist. In my day job, I’m the Community Manager at AbandonAid.


At this week’s team meeting, we ran through the newly engineered sign up process for our upcoming product launch (stay tuned!) I am sitting in a room with 5 of my colleagues, all of whom are experts in e-commerce, development, and data science. As the meeting progresses, I begin to wonder if I’m the only person in the room not following the proposed process. If you’ve ever had the feeling that you’re on the outs on a great inside joke, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


How many of you have had this experience? All too often, we all find ourselves getting stuck on a site because it is not intuitive for anyone who didn’t program or design it. After months of hard work creating a sign up process that has a great UI/UX, I looked around the room and hesitantly went out on a limb. “I don’t understand this process. It’s confusing. How is a user supposed to maneuver his way through a process with no clear directions? Sorry, I just wouldn’t have the patience for this sign up process.”


It was decided. If Rachel can’t find her way around our site, it’s back to the drawing board. We learned for ourselves that you can’t have the same people creating and designing the process AND judging its usability. You need a fresh set of eyes, training in best practices, and a willingness to speak truth to power 🙂


So together with Dena, our Customer Success Specialist, I went through every page, call to action, piece of text, icon, and directive on the AA site. Then, collaboratively as a team, we created a wizard to walk a new user through the sign up process clearly, one step at a time, and in plain English.


Now it’s your turn. How is your experience travelling through the AA site? Is something not as clear as you’d like it to be? We value your insights. Our passion is in designing great products for our clients, not just to use, but to love! That’s why we’re approaching YOU for feedback.


Behind every business are real people, people we aim to empower to be the best they can possibly be – any time of the day.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please email me at

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