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Check it Out: 10 Ways to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Want to increase your online business? It’s a lot easier than you think. In our experience, one small change that goes a long way in increasing revenue is optimizing your e-commerce shopping carts. Abandoned shopping carts remain responsible for over half of incomplete purchases. That’s a big number, but like we said–it’s an easy one to combat. You don’t need to overhaul your entire website to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate; you can get there in ten easy steps.



1: Offer Visible Free/Flat Rate Shipping

Toys R Us Free shipping (1)


Hidden and high shipping costs often lead to shopping cart abandonment. Offering free or flat rate shipping encourages customers to make more purchases. Customer satisfaction improves accordingly, leading to better business reviews and increased website traffic. Bring attention to shipping advantages at the top of your homepage and remind customers of the convenience you bring them.
2: Simplify Checkout




Lengthy, multi-page checkouts often lead to cart abandonment. Limit unnecessary product advertisements, forms, and customer satisfaction surveys. Alternatively, utilize features like Express Checkout, which efficiently expedite the checkout process.

3: Offer a Customer Account After the Sale




Refrain from bothering customers with registration forms before or during checkout. Creating an account requires customers to keep track of another user name and password–an unmatched modern inconvenience. If you do present the option of creating an account, wait until after the transaction. You’ll keep your business and relieve a host of customers.


4: Provide a Range of Payment Options




Allow customers to purchase items through various formats. Include a range of acceptable credit cards, rewards/gift cards, and PayPal compatibility. In addition, make online purchases available through check payments. Even if you’re reaching a broad range of customers, a wide-range of payment options enables you to keep them.


5: Remove Hidden Fees




Don’t surprise your customers with hidden charges during checkout. Online shoppers become frustrated with a lack of business transparency and leave shopping carts full of potentially profitable items. Instead, introduce required sales tax and specialized shipping costs to customers as soon as possible. Adding a tax calculator remains a great way to demonstrate customer care.

6: Keep Shopping Carts Visible



Simplify your customer shopping experience by always displaying shopping cart items. This eliminates website backtracking and prevents tortuous navigation as customers prepare for checkout. While it’s easier to place the shopping cart on a separate page, it’s harder for the customer to keep track of its items. Reduce cart abandonment by providing a readily available cart with a drop-down menu.


7: Send Reminders


Vitamin Shop email


Ensure customers follow through with transactions by sending cart abandonment email reminders. Remember, carts are not abandoned until you have completely lost the sale. With reminders, you’ll gain the benefit of knowing where you stand. Customers will log back in to purchase, save, or clear the items from shopping carts.

8: Utilize Interactive Product Images




Make sure customers know the products by providing high-res interactive images. Online shoppers prefer to zoom in on details, view items from multiple angles and review different color possibilities. Clearly displaying these options increases customer satisfaction and reduces the chance of cart abandonment.

9: Emphasize Sales, Promos, and Discounts


Asos discount


Properly displaying special prices remains the first step in offering sales, promos, and discounts. While some e-commerce sites display these on home pages, it’s better to include all special prices in a separate section. Don’t forget coupon codes or liquidated items, and any relevant names and dates.

10: Add a Wish List



Stimulate future purchases and repeat visits with a customer wish list. This function prevents customers from feeling pushed into purchasing and deserting shopping carts. In addition, shareable wish lists spread business. Certainly, mid to large e-commerce sites should utilize this tool to increase annual revenue.

And that’s it–ten easy steps to lower the number of people abandoning their carts mid-shop.  We know that these changes will not just reduce cart abandonment on your site, but also help you build stronger relationships with your customers, and keep them coming back long-term.



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