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6 Best Practices for Sending a Cart Abandonment Email


We know how difficult it can be to build a strong online presence and capture all of your potential sales. With the growing amount of competition out there and the many reasons for an abandoned cart, it can actually be downright frustrating. However, don’t dismay just yet. Losing sales daily because of slow upload times, momentary server failures, or a distracted buyer who leaves the purchase early due to a renegade toddler or a co-worker peeking over their shoulder, can be salvaged.

That’s why it’s imperative you have a plan of action when this occurs. One of the most effective strategies to recapture that sale is to send a cart abandonment email. Here are a few best practices that we’ve suggested to clients for sending an email that will be effective, and keep your customers coming back again.


1. Set a timer for your email. Whether you want to wait 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or an hour before sending your abandoned cart email, be sure you have this set up so it is consistently and automatically sent. For best results, you’ll want it delivered within the hour after the customer left the cart.


2. Offer a perk for check-out returns. You can offer to waive the shipping costs, give a 15% discount on their next or current purchase, or invite them to an exclusive product launch coming up. It’s also a good idea to remind them of any guarantees the product has.




3. Include the image of the product in the email. This is a great way to remind the customer of the item they wanted to purchase. Maybe they were on the fence about it the first time, but seeing it again gives them the push they needed. Or perhaps, they just forgot they were in the middle of buying it. Whatever the reason, a picture is a great way to enhance the success of your email.




4. Make sure the email content is engaging. Remember, the goal is to re-engage the buyer, so the email should pull the customer in, and make them feel as if it was written just for them. If you succeed in capturing their attention right away, have a call to action that redirects them back to their purchasing stage, making it more likely that they’ll complete the transaction.




5. Have a way for people to contact you. In your cart abandonment email, you should have contact information available for the customer. In fact, you should welcome any questions that the potential buyer has for you. Many people abandon their online carts in the middle of a purchase because a question arises that stops them. Be available to answer those questions and you’ll not only make a sale, but you’ll develop a trusting relationship with your customers.




  1. 6. Don’t be annoying. It’s important that your abandoned cart email doesn’t turn customers away. You don’t have to send it multiple times in a week and fill up their inbox. Be sure that you always offer an opt-out button that is easy to see in the email, and remember that humor goes a long way in your content. Your goal is to remind them of the product they expressed interest in, not send them a long sales pitch.

Don’t let an abandoned cart be the reason for a loss in sales. We have seen potential purchases recaptured when these best practices are applied, and so can you. We assure you–this friendly reminder will be appreciated and effective on multiple customers. And remember, a well executed cart abandonment email will always give you an edge on your competition.

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