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Tales from the Trenches: Roses and Teacups



Welcome to our exciting new series on the AbandonAid blog: Tales from the Trenches. Each week, you’ll get to meet an online shop owner or e-commerce site manager. They will share their personal journey, tips & tricks, and advice they wish someone had given them! Catch up on the whole series here.


Name: Nancy Guenther

Company: Roses and Teacups, LLC


Thanks for joining us Nancy. Please, tell us a little about your business.

We are an online boutique offering a full range of teaware as well as stationery, jewelry, home decor, and fine gifts with themes of tea, roses, and victoriana. Our over 6,000 products include tea party and bridal favors handcrafted in the USA, and heirloom Christening gowns for baby. You’ll find everything you need for little girl tea parties, plus a large assortment of accessories such as Victorian hats and aprons. If it’s beautiful and beautifully feminine, you’ll find it at Roses and Teacups!


What a unique and great idea for a company! How did it evolve into the online business it is today?

We began as a tiny eBay store selling quilted eyeglass cases and Victorian stickers. We fell in love with the concept of offering beautiful, feminine products on a beautifully feminine site. We jumped into two popular niches, tea products and victoriana, and built our inventory from there.


That’s wonderful! Where are you now on this journey? Any recent big win that you’re particularly proud of?

We now have popular magazines asking to feature our items!


Congratulations! That’s very exciting. It certainly seems like business is great. Tell us, what is a typical day-in-the-life of a successful eCommerce owner, like yourself?

Our business is a partnership. I take care of the site, and my business partner, Julie, takes care of everything else. We also now have several employees who are essential to our functioning!

So Julie’s day is filled with phone calls, live chat, filling orders and shipping.

My day is filled with updating the site and staying on top of any glitches.


It seems like a great partnership. Is there a shift during busier months? For example, I bet your products make very popular holiday gifts. Have you started your preparations for that season yet?

Yes indeed! We have our ornaments in stock and have ordered our holiday stationery.


Tales from the Trenches: Roses and TeacupsWell between Holiday 2015 prep and the daily demands of the job, it seems like you’re very busy. What is the hardest part of managing an online business? And what is the best part?

They are one and the same: the constant need to keep learning new skills.


That’s a great answer, and one undeniably necessary in the fluctuating world of online business. Tell me, how do you think the e-commerce landscape is shifting?

Having any website at all used to be a big deal, but ecommerce has exploded, and there is no more room for sloppiness, duplicate content, or errors. Customers have very little patience when shopping, so your site must be extremely user friendly and your checkout process must be seamless


You certainly seem to have a firm grasp on the e-commerce sphere! What are three things you wish you knew when you started out in the world of online business?

1) There are no shortcuts.

2) You will be changing your entire site at least once a year.

3) Think bigger!


Great tips. Going back to what you said about seamless checkout–was shopping cart abandonment a big challenge for your business? How has sending abandonment emails helped tackle that challenge?

We have recovered around 10K in revenue since we implemented AbandonAid a few months ago. We are thrilled!


We’re so glad to hear you’ve had such great success with us! Before we part ways, what advice or final words would you give to new shop owners?

Having a successful online store takes as much work or more than a brick and mortar. Be prepared to upgrade your skills, site and software frequently if you want to stay on top of the game!


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