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How Live Chat Helps Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates



We don’t have to tell you that shopping cart abandonment is an increasing issue for online stores. In fact, we bet you’ve also seen the recent shopping cart abandonment statistics from Baymardindicating that almost 70% of online shoppers stop the buying process somewhere along the line. It’s well understand by nearly everyone in our industry that shoppers don’t want the hassle of technical issues, slow websites or poor presentation.


So what can we do about it? Well, there are a lot of suggestions on how to optimize your website and checkout to retain more customers. In that vein, a well planned chat feature with attractive buttons placed in strategic locations throughout your site is known to have many benefits, lowering your cart abandonment rate among them.


  1. Live chat helps convince shoppers that your website is the real deal and not a fly-by-night scam. You’ve taken the time to set-up a live chat system, which most scam sites won’t risk doing.

  2. The live customer monitoring of a chat system will help to pinpoint your own mistakes as a retailer and website owner. Tracking the customer from where they enter the site until the time they leave can help you understand your shopping cart abandonment rate by determining what is attractive about your site and what turns shoppers away.

  3. Large attractive chat buttons encourage customer interaction with your store. As long as you have a trained staff that knows how to answer questions and especially close a sale, your online store should see an increase in customer satisfaction, higher sales, and lower shopping cart abandonment.

  4. Live chat representatives who can encourage newsletter sign-ups are a big bonus to any website. Email is one of the best ways to connect with a customer and make sales, so use it.

  5. A live chat spokesperson has the opportunity to increase sales by offering discounts or coupons. This is an excellent way to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing brand popularity at the same time.

  6. In the same way that customers rely on the expertise of shop owners to give advice at a brick-and-mortar store, it helps to have a real person answering pertinent questions that can directly affect whether or not a purchase is made. People connect with people.

  7. Once a specialist effectively answers a customer’s question or addresses their problem, they can literally lead the customer to checkout by providing a relevant link, or closing the sale themselves.


Live chat is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness among website visitors. A customer who is happy after a chat session with your store is more likely to not only complete their sale, but also return to the site. Plus, a happy customer is much more likely to spread the good word about your online store.


Make sure to plan every step of the live chat experience and experiment with different scripts for the customer specialist to use. Once everything is in place and working correctly, feel free to implement the chat system, have your customer service reps lead customers to the end of the sale, and watch your store’s cart abandonment rate lower.

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