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Data tracking is a pivotal component of maintaining your ecommerce business and preventing cart abandonment, but implementing code for your recovery campaign onto your site comes with many concerns and therefore apprehension.

“The code is too complicated and confusing to implement on my own. How reliable is the data and subsequent analysis? I have enough on my “to do list”. Yet another code on my site equals more maintenance on my end. How quickly will I be able to generate data and be able to clearly understand its ramifications and the practical application from the analysis? How many codes will I have to place to get the entire picture? How will this code placement interfere with other codes on my site? When I encounter a problem, how difficult will it be to solve? How efficient is this code? How helpful and available is the support system connected to the code?”

AA (that’s AbandonAid for the not-yet-initiated) alleviates these fears and concerns, bigtime.

With AA, you only need our ONE SINGLE piece of code, whereas other solutions often require you to place two different codes on different site pages. This can get confusing. What if you confuse the codes? What if you don’t place it correctly? That’s complicated! Our solution is simple, you place ONE code on every page of your site. Once you place the code, you do not have to touch it ever again. Implementation is a one time action and provides you with access to all tools. We are the cruise control of your revenue recovery. There is one code for all sites, all pages and all tools. It’s like a magic access key. You gotta admit, there is a part in all of us that has always wanted to be the Keymaster of Gozer.

With code placement on every page, we collect a lot of usable data about your business which will help you and us better your business. From the minute you place code, we immediately begin collecting all the important data on your site. You get instant insight into what’s going on in your business. Many are tempted to say, “I’ll put the code up as soon as I’m ready to go live with my campaign.” This is a mistake. Let’s say you place the code on Feb 1 but only go live with emails on Feb 20. Because the data started processing Feb 1, you have the ability to reach out backwards to anyone who abandoned since Feb 1.

We collect a tremendous amount of data via our code in order to extract applicable insights. In other words, there’s lots of unused data sitting on your site. How can you benefit from it? How can you even begin to understand it? How can you begin to collect it and sort through it? We do all of that for you. Let us be your data analysts and package it into actionable insights. We turn the data into applicable solutions.

Other codes of competitors do not have the ability to extract as much data. Our coverage is much broader. We collect the email addresses of users who submit their email on any page, whether it be from a Contact Us form, a Newsletter signup, the checkout process, etc. Some shoppers won’t put their email in the checkout, but may be willing to submit it somewhere else. We scrape the email the moment they type it in. Also, if a user submits one email but then changes it, our script immediately picks up on the change and updates the data accordingly. Most shoppers who abandon online stores NEVER log in or register! Our code starts to collect data the second a URL is submitted.

Code placement is extremely quick and easy whether you do it yourself, have your developer do it, or have us do it for you. In addition, we regularly monitor your site’s recovery in order to preempt any possible problems. We’re on standby, ready to help, all hands on deck to assist you with anything slowing you or your company down. Before going live with our revenue increasing tools (cart recovery, abandonment prevention, etc), we want to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Is all the necessary data being collected? Is the analysis accurate? Is the code placed properly? We have a rigorous QA process on our end to ensure that all is good to go. We verify these issues before you go live.

The AA code can be used for any currency, in any language. At Abandonaid, one of our top concerns is to alleviate your fears and empower you as a merchant. Our simple to implement and understand code is the first step in doing that.

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