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5 Ways to Increase Checkout Conversions



One of the factors that goes part and parcel with cart abandonment is checkout conversion. It’s basically the meat and potatoes of the customer conversion process. Checkout conversion indicates the number of customers who completed the checkout process–put in their shipping info, got the thank you page, the whole shebang.

In order to increase those end game checkout conversions, you should format your e-commerce site wisely. Complete purchases depend on quality customer experiences throughout the checkout process. Improve this process by prioritizing simplicity and accessibility in layout, product details and payment. Use the following five techniques to gain paying customers and increase your checkout conversion rate.


1. Eliminate Distractions

Don’t clutter the checkout process. Superfluous text, images and advertisements overwhelm website visitors and make navigation extremely difficult. Of course, you want to sell your business, but checkout is not the appropriate venue. Focus on completing customer orders using straightforward, digestible design elements.

2. Require Only Essential Customer Information

Empathize with website visitors and limit the amount of customer-entry information. Long forms requiring needless information remain a huge hassle and fear factor for most customers. Certainly, security risks remain prevalent among unprotected or fraudulent e-commerce websites. If you desire phone numbers or specific demographic information to adapt products to your audience, explain your intentions or make information fields optional. Every step eases transaction anxiety by increasing customer comfort with your business.

3. Attach Product Summaries

Support customers in making the right purchase. Brief product summaries show business legitimacy and supply details critical to customer decision-making. Include product specifications such as size, color, product-to-product compatibility and additional customization options. In addition, consider using interactive or thumbnail images to allow advanced pre-purchase viewing. These layout options combine practicality and the benefit of leaving your layout uncluttered.

4. Offer Multiple Shipping and Payment Options

Optimize checkout with multiple shipping and payment options. Including several payment alternatives allows you to reach a wide-range of customers and simplify checkout for those who don’t want to go digging for a credit card. Consider top Internet payment companies such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Likewise, use various shipping options to give customers a range of suitable delivery speeds. This ensures busy or traveling customers receive products at the most convenient time.

5. Wait to Ask Customers to Create an Account

Don’t frustrate customers with a pre-checkout popup requesting an account setup. Instead, show appreciation for customer time and interest. Website visitors value interruption-free shopping and dread promotional emails that commonly accompany registration. Wait until purchases are confirmed to ask customers to create an account. Satisfied customers will likely sign-up. In addition, provide the option of checking out as a guest.

Remember, step-by-step checkout efficiency will make or break customer business. These five tips will take you far in improving your customer flow through the end of the purchase process, and increase checkout conversions overall. And for those who don’t convert, there are some great tips to winning back customers through a strong cart abandonment recovery strategy.

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