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25 Days of Gifts – Got a towel?


The team at Abandonaid often finds awesome products on our clients’ sites. “Wow, Dena, did you see this??” “Oooh, I could use one of those!” We can’t keep them a secret anymore. So, as there are 25 days between Cyber Monday and Christmas Day, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to let you in on our favorites. Whether you are looking for the best birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or “I just couldn’t help myself” gift, we’ve put together a few of our favorites.


Loving these towels from DomesticBin. Yeah, you look pretty awesome at the beach, but even more importantly, you’ll be able to bribe (PC version: incentivize) your 3 year old to finally take a bath. That doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily use soap. You’ll need a lollipop for that.

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