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The Times (and pricing model)…They Are a-Changin

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It’s a brand new year. Do you know what that means? Besides counting up your holiday sales, already getting your paperwork ready for tax season and admitting that your gym-every-morning-at-6am resolution may have been a tiny bit over-ambitious, it also means that we have a new chance to make your life easier (and more profitable) by simplifying and streamlining our pricing plan! 

And simplify it we have. Based on customer feedback as well as our own undeniable genius, we have designed our new pricing plan to be as simple and as flexible as possible.

Success Based Pricing

Instead of paying for blocks of credits, going forward you will only pay a percentage of your recovered sales plus a fixed monthly cloud fee. We call it “Success-Based Pricing” because you only pay as you find recovery success.

Instead of different payment plans and complicated tier pricing, everyone pays a flat, monthly $50 cloud fee. This enables us to store, analyze and deliver data safely held in a secure cloud.

We are so confident in our ability to help you recover your abandoned sales that we’ve decided to partner with you in your success. Instead of charging you upfront for your anticipated recoveries, we now charge a percentage of your recovered sales, after you’ve successfully recovered them.

For your monthly recovered sales, you’ll pay:

5% on $0 — $25,000

2.5% on $25,001 — $100K

1% on $100,001 – $1 million

And what if and when 🙂 you’re as successful as we think you will be and recover more than $1 million in abandoned sales? Let’s talk. We’ll work something out that we’re both happy with.

We’ve also simplified your bill.

From now on, you’ll only be billed on the first of the month for the previous month’s performance. We’ve added much more detailed reports that include extensive recovered sales data and break everything down so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how your campaigns are doing. Hooray for transparency!

But Wait! There’s More!

You don’t think we’d take all this time just to tell you about our new pricing plan, do you? No way. We’ve got a few more innovations to tickle you. For instance, did you know that it has been just about two years since we first released our incredibly powerful exit pop-up recovery tool? We’ve been working on making it even more intuitive and customizable, and now we’re able to announce the completely self-service version, giving you full access to all the settings and customizations that make it so powerful. The new user interface is quite delightful, if we do say so ourselves.

Additionally, we’ve also improved the email campaign setup and upgraded many of our other features. We have been busy little bees, haven’t we?

Check in on our features page about details and updates of all of our powerful abandoned sales recovery tools. For more information about the new pricing plan click here.

Recover those lost sales now!

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