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How to attract and retain users to your site – understand your customers’ intent



Your inventory is finalized. Your site is clean, creative, uncluttered and has great UI. Your team is motivated. So when do the orders start pilling in?

Well, that largely depends on 1- your targeted customers’ intent  (whether he be in the research or transactional stage of purchasing), 2- your choice of keywords and headlines based on your customers’ intent and 3- the quality of your creative content. Your site and product may rock, but if your site is hidden among the hundreds of competitors in your field, it’s as if you have set up shop in the middle of the plains of Montana. Until you have created a name for yourself, no one is going to actively seek you out and feel a sense of intrigue by what you sell/say/offer.

The following article How To Get First-Time Visitors Hooked on Your Site by Katherine Crayon of MonsterPost addresses the above issues point by point. While the answers aren’t complicated, there certainly is a right and a wrong way to go about this. The AbandonAid team loves to see businesses succeed and we highly recommend this read.


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