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Why and how to use onsite abandonment prevention messaging to reduce shopping cart abandonment

The Problem: Costly Cart Abandonment

Meet Jane, your customer.
Your advertising and marketing efforts successfully guide Jane to your site.
Your products and attractive design succeed in intriguing Jane.
Excited Jane selects a number of products and places them in her cart.
Then Jane arrives at your checkout page.
Jane suddenly abandons her cart in favor of an American Idol rerun.
All your advertising, marketing, sales funnel strategy, product placement and branding just failed because she exited your site without completing her purchase. Bad Jane, or bad cart abandonment prevention strategy?
Cart abandonment rates today are astonishingly high (at 78%) and growing yearly.
If the likes of Jane were abandoning a pack of pens or a box of tissues – low end items, that is – then the cart abandonment rate would be disconcerting, but might have little impact on the bigger picture or your bottom line. The problem is that we’re not talking about pens and tissues here. A recent study conducted by PayPal discovered that almost half of abandoned shopping carts have an average order value north of $100.  That means that almost half of your Janes just walked away from a significant purchase. And there are a lot of Janes.
The big question, of course, is how to prevent cart abandonment altogether. But to answer that, we must first investigate why the Janes of the world are abandoning their carts.

The Analysis: Why Abandon the Items You’ve Selected for Purchase?

Reasons for Abandonment by Percentage of Customers
-Didn’t want to pay shipping costs (discovered after filling cart), 57%
-Total purchase totaled more than expected, 48%
-Entire shopping expedition was for research (even to determine shipping costs, for example), 41%
-Wanted a discount coupon and didn’t receive, 27%
-Wanted additional payment options, 24%
-Dismissed website as not credible due to no contact information displayed, 22%
-Purchased offline, rather than wait for shipping and arrival, 19%
-Found the checkout process too complicated, 15%
-Other reasons, 12%

We need to talk to Jane at the precise moment she’s making her final purchasing decision.

The Solution: Onsite Abandonment Prevention Popup

What is an onsite abandonment prevention popup? This technology is triggered when a site visitor who has already placed items in her cart seeks to exit or navigate away from the site. Before Jane exits your site, for example, a targeted prevention message appears, offering her directions or incentives (or free shipping! Everybody loves free shipping!) to complete the checkout process. Jane must then make a concerted effort to continue departing the site. This makes Jane more likely to engage, and therefore the possibility of easing Jane through the checkout process increases up to 15%. Cha. Ching.

Why does onsite abandonment prevention messaging work? There is a fair amount of discussion on how to best present abandonment prevention popups, but at the end of the day, what works about this technology is that it is engaging. Furthermore, it engages in a very localized, focused way, so that our Jane’s next inclination is to complete her order. It should be no surprise that the most successful abandonment prevention messages include a financial incentive, whether a discount off the immediate purchase, a coupon for future use or shipping reductions.

How versatile are onsite abandonment prevention popups? Very! They can be customized to match your site’s font, colors and overall branding. Here is a sampling of possible uses and wording clearly designed to stop Jane in her tracks:

⦁ Wait! Here’s 10% off your order. Use coupon code WANTITLOVEIT

⦁ Did you know we offer no-hassle, free shipping on all returns?

⦁ Here’s what our satisfied customers think…

⦁ Wait! You still have unpurchased items in your cart. Complete your order now while your items are still available.

With this kind of last minute message, you convey to the Janes of the world that their business really is important to you. Whether you offer a discount, special offer, or entice her to sign up for your newsletter, you are enlisting her participation for what may amount to enough additional time to close the sale and ultimately save the cart from abandonment.

The Validation: Choosing OUR Onsite Abandonment Prevention Popup

For starters, our onsite abandonment prevention messaging is available to you free of charge. It’s part of our package of tools available to all our customers! Plus, we’ll even place it on your site for you (no hassle!) and help you customize it, from fonts and colors to the conditions of its display. AND… given our new pricing, you only pay when our tools succeed.

Allright. You know you need to use it. But how?

Here’s how it works. It’s easy. Promise.

1. Sign in to your AbandonAid Account:


2. Then click Configure > Configure Exit Popup



3. Now you’re ready to edit your exit popup and grab your customers’ by their wallets

AA3- site image


4. You can edit the look of your popup window by changing its background, border size, border color, and border radius.



5. Here, you can change the text and edit the font, color and size of your insightful content.

AA5-site image


6. You can even edit the button text and styles. Yeah, baby.

AA6-site image
7. Shwing! You can preview your popup at any time.

AA7-site image


8. And on the Advanced Behavior tab, you can configure when your popup will appear on your site.

AA8-site image


9. You can choose to show the popup to only high value customers or anyone you like and also decide how many times to display the popup to a given customer.

Be sure to save your settings. We wouldn’t want you to lose your hard work.

AA9-site image


That’s it. Celebration time – You did it!

Now go forth and encourage all your Janes to recover their purchases! Here how to get started now.

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