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Checking your ecommerce checkout process with Hanna Wolsfelt



We’ve all heard the abandonment rate statistic before. 69% of intended purchases are abandoned on ecommerce sites daily. Why? Well, there are many reasons someone abandons their ready-to-go shopping cart. Perhaps your boss walked in just as you were going to order the plane tickets for your not-yet approved vacation , you realized you just missed your stop on the train because of your deliberation over which fruit basket to send mom on Mother’s Day, or your check out process is too complicated and untrustworthy so your customer lost his patience and gave up on you 🙁

Today, more than ever before, a smooth, reliable checkout process is crucial to your businesses survival and success. The average attention span when online is about 8 seconds. In other words, your checkout process better not take more than 8 seconds to figure out, especially when the purchase originates from a mobile device. When your customer is ordering from his phone, his attention span is even shorter.

Hanna Wolsfelt of Bluesnap outlines important steps to take to ensure a successful checkout process and therefore minimize shopping cart abandonments.

The doctor is in! Checkout abandonment is plaguing eCommerce sites everywhere, and it may be affecting your eCommerce checkout too. Merchants everywhere are losing money for reasons that can be cured with a couple Band-Aids and some rest! To help you combat this nasty disease, we’ve come up with a couple different remedies in order to keep your eCommerce checkout process healthy

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BTW, after reading Hanna’s article, I highly recommend checking out Bluesnap’s checkout conversion calculator for a more personalized evaluation.

Thanks Hanna and Bluesnap for your words of wisdom:)

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