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How emotional triggers get people to buy – Infographic

emotion infographic

“Appealing to the logical mind is an important aspect of communication… but don’t forget about the emotional side too. Learn the key emotions to tap into, why it’s effective across many platforms and types of audiences, and tips to craft your own emotional copy with the most powerful words and phrases.”


Emotions play an enormous part in the decision making process.  One’s mood has a direct effect on the number of purchases a customer walks out of the store with. Come on, you know you never would have bought that hard boiled egg maker if you were in a grumpy mood. A person’s mood is highly affected by his surroundings, such as the people he’s with, the movie she’s watching, and the email you received upon an abandonment, for example.


This infographic created by Cox Business will help you create the mood rather than just hope for the best.

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