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Real time vs. non-real time abandonment solution: a study

cart in sand

Your customer just abandoned his cart.

Within 21 to 26 minutes post abandonment, your customer will find a competitor. He’s going, going, gone…..

With 69% of all intended purchases being abandoned, you, as a merchant, do not have the luxury to ignore these numbers.  The average non-real time solution responds within 21 hours…..

What’s the bottom line?

Your site looses the majority of your sales due to abandonments every day. That hard earned revenue belongs to you. In order to capture those potentially lost sales, a real time abandonment solution is crucial.


Check out the following study for more information:

Three-quarters of IRUK Top100 don’t follow up on abandoned carts: study


Thank you Chloe Rigby of Shopware for your words of wisdom:)



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