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IRCE Chicago: Don’t Miss This Tech vs. Marketing Mashup

logo-IRCEIRCE Chigaco begins tomorrow with 130 sessions jam-packed with pro-tips for ecommerce merchants over the course of four days.

The session I’m most curious about is one that speaks to the connection between tech and marketing, data and sales, dev teams and sales and marketing teams.

Tomorrow at 9:30 am Jason Roussos, Chief Marketing Officer and Justin Aronstein, Director, UX, Analytics, both of Living Direct will be speaking about the impact of technology on marketing and how to create a successful relationship between the two departments that often don’t see eye to eye.

You can view the full workshop description and lineup here. Here’s a snippet of this session, which, in my option, could really be a game changer for merchants and how they do business:

“CTO and CMO Mashup: Impact of Technology on Marketin

Jason Roussos, Chief Marketing Officer – Living Direct
Justin Aronstein, Director, UX, Analytics – Living Direct
Type: Pre-Conference Workshops
Track: E-Commerce Technology

With marketing becoming increasingly technology-based, it is not surprising that marketing technology is one of the fast-growing budget line items. The question often arises as to whether technology investments belong in the marketing or in the technology budget. This session will cover how technology impacts marketing and how marketing impacts technology. Living Direct’s CMO and the head of technology pair up to share how they work together to streamline marketing technologies and investment and avoid friction between two departments that sometimes speak different languages.”

We are all about the harmonious marriage of data and sales that bears the fruits of maximized revenue for online stores, big and small. If you’re attending IRCE Chicago this year, I would definitely recommend attending this session. Can’t wait to hear the feedback on it!

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