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Is Remarketing Creepy? 2 Key Tools to Do it Right

creepyIt happens all the time. You’re surfing the web, minding your own business. Maybe you stop by some online store to look at something that catches your eye. Look! Pretty things for pretty people! Ooooooh! Shiny!

You click away from the page and don’t give it much thought. The next day, you’re accosted by ads for pretty things everywhere you go. Then you get an email from the site you were on telling you that the pretty thing you looked at is on sale for 10% off today only so act now!

This is remarketing. It’s based on some pretty cool tech and some pretty smart marketing techniques. It can sometimes seem a bit intrusive, but remarketing works.

Retargeting Works

Research shows that the average CTR for a regular ad is .07%; for retargeted ads; that number is .7%! People who are shown retargeted display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your site. That statistic is incredible and should be enough to convince you that retargeting is effective. But here’s one to knock your socks off – remarketing advertising can lead to 147% higher conversion rate over time.

The Creepy Part

But is it creepy? Sometimes. And there is a reason why people feel this way. If we understand why, we can take steps to use the technique effectively without causing site visitors to freak out. Usually web users feel creeped out when they feel like an ad they are being served is too personal. If, for example, surfers feel that an ad is using personal information or something from their search history that they don’t remember sharing, that can be unsettling.

Sometimes retailers use information which users share in ways that can really seem to be too intrusive. One time, by using their visitors’ search and browse history a little too cleverly, Target was able to predict when its female customers were pregnant.

They used this info to send targeted ads offering discounts on maternity clothes and baby supplies. Apparently, one angry father took these ads to mean that Target was encouraging his 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant. Yikes!  

The other issue is that the ROI on retargeting adspend can be unclear, so while the conversion can seem high over time, the campaigns can be pricey, and in any case, nearly 80% of your shoppers leave without purchasing. So congrats, you just wasted money on traffic. 😀

AbandonAid Does it the Right Way

When you’re using AbandonAid’s tools you can control exactly what data you use to remarket and how you use it, plus you convert more of your traffic. (25% more, to be exact, as our clients report).

Take our email tools as a good example. One of the best ways to avoid being that creepy Internet stalker company is to segment your users. By dividing users into smaller sub-groups based on the value of the products in their shopping carts, or the total value of goods they are purchasing, you can send them messaging which is relevant and doesn’t come across as bizarrely personal. Not like that text you got from the guy who “happened to find you on Facebook” and asks how you enjoyed your vacation and if you’re going bikini shopping again next week. Yeah. Don’t be that guy.

Another smart way to avoid being creepy is to make sure you are messaging your visitors at the right time. If a user is currently on your site and you use our exit popup tool to offer him a discount, he isn’t going to think that you were following him during his lunch hour. When a user sees an ad, even a personalized one, in context, they are less likely to be scared off.  

You also don’t want to oversaturate your users with ads… even remarketing ads. That’s why we empower you to set both frequency caps and flexible scheduling options for all your email remarketing campaigns. We also give you the option to set limits on how many times a user will see your exit popup. This way, you avoid appearing like a pathetic ex who keeps calling and calling and can’t seem to get it in his head that you’ve moved on.

Above All, Harm No One

You want to sell and you want to use the best marketing techniques available. So take care when you plan your marketing strategy to use services that give you control over what you advertise, when, and where. Be careful not to be too personal and always provide excellent support and customer service. Ensure ROI. Optimize your site to convert that traffic you paid for. Creepy is bad. Responsive and relevant are very, very good.

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