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The Ultimate Shipping Cheat Sheet: Ship Better, Sell Better

Cheapest-Way-To-Ship-A-PackageDid you know that the NUMBER ONE – yes, the very top reason for shopping cart abandonment is shipping issues? Maybe the shipping options were unclear. The prices were too confusing or simply unknown. Or maybe you just haven’t optimized your shipping process.

Richard Lazazzera has created the Ultimate Shipping Strategy Cheat Sheet to make it easy for you to turn more carts into conversions by tackling that number one reason for abandonment in this blog post from his awesome site.

Seriously, this cheat sheet has got everything from packaging options, branding tips, excellent resources on shipping providers and even customs and taxes info. Check it out because the more you’ve refined your shipping process, the better you’ll be able to leave the guesswork out for your shoppers.

P.S. He’s even got tips on the cheapest way to ship. DO IT!




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