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Mobile Commerce: $284 Billion in Sales and Nearly $600 Billion Left Behind

It’s no secret that mobile and cross-device shopping is steadily dominating the ecommerce space. BI Intelligence reports that by 2020, mobile commerce alone will account for nearly half of all online sales, generating an astounding $284 billion in sales.

Projections for 2016 expect mobile commerce to hit $79 billion in sales, generating over 20% of all online purchases.

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Here are a few more awesome, yet daunting facts:

  • Cross-device browsing and shopping is increasing, as well. This includes mobile.
  • Over 80% of online retails do not have the ability or the tools in place to effectively engage and convert shoppers surfing over multiple devices.
  • Cart abandonment rates continue to soar; for every $100K in sales, $200K are left behind.
  • Paid traffic and other drivers are not getting cheaper, leaving merchants throwing budgets at traffic yet still not converting most of the traffic they paid for.

Online retailers are trapped in a never-ending game of catch-up in attempt to keep up with mobile shopping trends. Unfortunately, most cart platforms are not equipped to handle cross-device shopping, leaving their merchants in the dust.

Even add-ons, optimization apps, and various Saas products that claim to address these issues can be costly, ineffective, or both. (Usually both.)

Tomorrow, May 16, 2016, AbandonAid will release its newest feature: Email Me My Cart. This cross-device / mobile shopping engagement campaign allows ecommerce merchants to interact more effectively with their shoppers.

Email Me My Cart engages shoppers at the two most critical points of contact: when a shopper adds a product to cart and after the shopper has left the site. These two points of contact are critical because they are both the most dangerous yet the most profitable. Why?

When a shopper adds a product to her cart, she’s expressing explicit interest in your inventory. Yet she may not be ready to buy for various reasons. With mobile and cross-device commerce increasing, a now common reason is that the shopper is not going to purchase on the device that she is currently using.

Once a shopper leaves, the chances of getting her back are slim to none. This is the reality of ecommerce.

With AbandonAid’s cross-device / mobile engagement tool, the shopper is invited to save and send her cart to her email for later review. This gets her when she’s most engaged. You’ve now just increased potential conversion and retention.

Once the shopper receives this email with her populated cart intact, the likelihood of her coming back can be up to 45% – in some cases, even more! And once she comes back to the site, AbandonAid re-generates the previously populated cart for her – an ability that the majority of online retailers simply do not have the bandwidth to do.

If you’ve successfully brought a shopper back to your site, you cannot risk bringing her back to an empty cart. And that’s why we’ve developed Email Me My Cart. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) can now be synonymous with mobile. 

The campaign can be customized to match any site’s branding and messaging so that both on-site and off-site, you can effectively engage with your shoppers.

To learn more about this new feature release, contact us at The release is currently available to existing clients and by invitation-only to new users.

Our tools both increase engagement by over 40% while increasing sales by over 25%. AbandonAid empowers merchants to convert more traffic into sales. With the summer in full swing and the holidays around the corner, no e-tailer can afford to be without mobile-ready solutions.

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