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“Email Me My Cart”- Why you need this solution for your Ecommerce site this holiday season

With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone is going into shopping mode. Some are already shopping. Some are making lists. Some haven’t thought about it yet, but soon enough, they will be plunging in. Online shopping this year (2016) is up 45% from last year. That is huge. Ecommerce is growing.

Abandonaid has a very important tool to increase revenue for Ecommerce sites this holiday season. The tool is called “Email Me My Cart”. Email Me My Cart is so important because people can leave your site, save their cart and come back. They can share the items with their friends. Imagine they are choosing glasses. They probably don’t visit the site once, buy glasses and leave. They may want to put a few choices in there, and come back later. They may even want to email their choices to a friend or spouse to help make a decision. Email Me My Cart makes this super easy. Other sites, such as travel sites, also have people coming and going, abandoning their carts. Making a travel purchase takes time. Email Me My Cart has proven very effective for travel sites.



A lot of browsing these days is done on mobile, but people rarely make purchases via mobile. At this point, many customers are lost. The great thing about Email Me My Cart is that people can browse on their phone, email their cart to themselves and purchase on their computer. The cart is viewable and works on both mobile and desktop.

With this tool we have seen a 15% sales recovery rate. That is a huge revenue boost! This holiday season, with a massive increase in online shopping, don’t lose out on those abandoned carts. Check out Abandonaid’s Email Me My Cart solution!


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