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The Importance of E-mail Collection

Email collection is proving to be one of the most important parts of a marketing strategy. Whether you are an ecommerce site, a service, or any other type of business, email is the best way to reach your customers.

Why is email so important?


You are reaching out to a customer who is interested in your product

Most of the time, you get your customers’ emails because they are interested in your product. They have been to your site and signed up for emails, or they have made a purchase. You can also personalize emails to the type of customer based on past purchases, gender or other.

The customer can choose when to read an email

With social media, you are reaching your audience in their newsfeed or twitter feed. The message gets pushed down and the viewer is less likely to read your post over time. An email sits in the customer’s inbox until the customer reads it. It can sit there unread for a day or two until they have time to read it, it will stay there.

People check their email daily, if not more

Most people check their email daily, if not multiple times a day, starting when they wake up in the morning. Not everyone constantly checks their various social media platforms. Email allows you to directly and reliably reach your customers.

Your email list is yours forever

Your email list belongs to you, not Facebook or Google. With social media there is another platform between you and your customers. When google does an algorithm update, and your organic SEO rankings drop unexpectedly, you will still have your email list. You can still reach thousands of customers without relying on organic search. It is an easy cost effective way to reach your customers when all else fails.

Email is personal

Since an email goes directly into a person’s inbox it is more personal than a widespread post on social media. Email can directly communicate a personalized message that has the most potential to engage your customer. By offering an item to accompany their previous purchase or based on their particular location, you have the opportunity to engage them personally.

Email Converts

Email converts approximately 4 times more than social. Email is a simple way to drive traffic directly to your site. You aren’t relying on social media, Google algorithms or organic marketing. Now go build up that email database!


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