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Cart abandonment and sales rates for 2016

Shopping cart abandonment is a hot topic now among ecommerce retailers. The potential lost revenue is huge. According to the most recent BI report (Shopping Cart Abandonment – November 2016), approximately $2.75 trillion of recoverable sales were left behind in shopping carts in the past year. Ecommerce is also changing now that people are shopping […]

Why you need to learn about AMP

A whopping 33% of people use their smartphone as their primary internet browsing device! Learn all about AMP and why it is so important for businesses now that mobile use is soaring.

Top Gifts This Holiday Season

The top gifts this holiday season- Pokemon, Hot Wheels, Lego, Barbie and Frozen for kids. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Playstation are also popular gifts. What are you buying your loved ones this holiday season? Anything big missing from this list? Tell us about it!    

Product Analytics- A Tool You Can’t Live Without

We are in the midst of the holiday season. The year’s shopping peak is here. How do retailers know which products to promote, which sells the best, which product gets abandoned the most? Abandonaid now offers product analytics; complete with links and images to each product on the ecommerce site. You can see which product […]

Ecommerce more than 50% of Thanksgiving weekend sales

Thanksgiving weekend through Cyber Monday:”… most people were quite comfortable shopping from a couch or a dining room table rather than going to stores.” More than half of the sales generated were ecommerce sales. Also, mobile sales are growing and becoming the method of choice for retail shopping. Online sales surpassed predictions by Adobe Digital […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Is it the best holiday for ecommerce sales?

Happy Thanksgiving to all ecommerce retailers! Thanksgiving is actually a huge shopping day for online stores. While physical retailers are closed, many people still shop online! Wishing a successful shopping season to all.

Expert tips on driving repeat sales

Expert tips on how to drive repeat sales online. Are you reaching out to your past customers?? 25 E-Commerce Experts Share Their Best Tips for Driving Repeat Sales Online

Shopping cart abandonment rates and statistics

Great article talking about the unfortunate phenomenom of cart abandonment. The issue of mobile abandonments is a big issue, but luckily AbandonAid‘s Email me my Cart solution really helps with this problem!

Time to Make Changes

The results of the US election have left some people feeling hopeless and lost. Others are left feeling empowered and ready for a change. Regardless of which camp you fall into, most people are feeling the need to make their own personal changes in their lives. Try to make a difference on a personal level, […]

How to curb that high abandonment rate

Make sure you stop those abandonments before they even happen! High shipping and tax fees, account logins, websites crashing and more… all reasons people abandon their carts.

The Importance of E-mail Collection

Email collection is proving to be one of the most important parts of a marketing strategy. Whether you are an ecommerce site, a service, or any other type of business, email is the best way to reach your customers. Why is email so important? You are reaching out to a customer who is interested in your […]

5 e-commerce trends in 2016 | Huffington Post

Some very important new Ecommerce trends for 2016. Flash sales are a big one- like prime day and black friday. Another is quicker shipping- a trend started by amazon’s same day shipping. Anyone seeing any other major trends for Ecommerce this year? Mobile sales are going up as well. from AbandonAid via IFTTT

“Email Me My Cart”- Why you need this solution for your Ecommerce site this holiday season

With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone is going into shopping mode. Some are already shopping. Some are making lists. Some haven’t thought about it yet, but soon enough, they will be plunging in. Online shopping this year (2016) is up 45% from last year. That is huge. Ecommerce is growing. Abandonaid has […]

Welcome emails

Welcome emails: How important they are and how best to execute them

10 web design trends that boost conversions: full-width images, split-screen layouts and more..

5 big mistakes Ecommerce companies make that can ruin their sales.

Shopify’s blog shares the 5 biggest design mistakes that can ruin sales on an Ecommerce site.

AMP’d Up! Google Shares Tips On How To Use AMP for Ecommerce

Are you as AMP’d as we are? AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it’s a hot topic now for online retails that want to be mobile ready. With mobile sales quickly dominating the online market, it’s worth checking out this article from Search Engine Land about how Google is advising ecommerce sites to use […]

3 Ways You can Increase Repeat Purchases With OroCRM

OroCRM is a powerful tool that ecommerce businesses can use to effectively and efficiently manage all things client-related, from workflows to marketing to client communication and account management. Now, every online retailer not only wants to sell their products to as many shoppers as possible. Merchants want – and should be able – to sell […]

Successful Remarketing Subject Lines That Convert

Eat me. Drink me. Open me. There are a lot of good reasons to open a personal email. You got confirmation of your flight reservations to Bali. Your Grammie sent you a birthday card. Your therapist emailed you to let you know that your Monday appointment has been switched to Thursday because her cat died. […]

Can Social Media Really Lead to More Conversions?

It’s been disputed whether and how social media has a direct impact on purchases online, and while the direct effects can seem elusive, a store’s presence on social media can make or break a brand. In this article on popular content marketing blog, Convince and Convert, Jay Baer breaks it all down and sheds some […]

The Top 10 Payment Gateways for Ecommerce [GUIDE]

Our tech-expert friend, Albert Krav, shared with us a breakdown of the top 10 payment gateways for ecommerce. This guide to the biggest names in processors is a great reference for any online merchant, from the budding retailer exploring online sales options to the seasoned ecommerce pro. When it comes to selecting the ideal payment […]

Back To School Tips For More Online Sales

It’s that time of year again…Back to School Season! Now is a great time to leverage the influence children have on their parents and use smart marketing strategies to sell more online. In this study, presented on Eyeview Digital’s blog, you’ll learn tips and tricks that will help you take advantage of this busy shopping season, […]

How to Use Remarketing to Get Your Shoppers Back

Where Oh Where Have Your Customers Gone? People change their minds all the time. Sometimes, you opt for the chicken over the fish. Sometimes, you have that second (or sixth?) Oreo because you had a really bad day, even though you went Paleo last week. Customers change their minds, too. But when they change their […]

Expert – and Easy – Tips To Create Awesome Product Images

Image is everything. And the images of your products are what can make or break a sale. A shopper surfs the web for what they’re looking for, they land on your site, but ultimately an awesome product image can seal the deal. ECWID, a stellar cart platform, shares these tips for creating beautiful product images, […]

Is Free Shipping Possible When Drop Shipping?

Shipping costs that are unclear or too high are among the top reasons for cart abandonment. And of course, who doesn’t love free shipping? Apparently, 83% of shoppers are willing to wait an extra two whole days to get their goods just to pay nothing for shipping. I really liked this post by Shippo discussing […]

5 Ways You’ve Lost Sales Without Social Commerce

In this insightful article from TrueShip, a premier provider of shipping and returns software, you’ll learn about 5 opportunities to leverage social media to sell more online. From Facebook to YouTube to Tumblr (was honestly surprised about that one!), social media can be key when it comes to conversions. The blog post is chalk full […]

Why eCommerce Processors Should Pay Attention to Cart Abandonment

Recently, I had the honor of participating in a webinar with our global processing friends at BlueSnap. In the webinar, we took a look at shopping cart and checkout abandonment and shared 10 solid tips to help convert more shoppers into buyers. And it was great. The vision of BlueSnap is the same as ours: […]

Your Guide to New Sales Tax Rates

The New Sales Tax Rates in the States have gone into effect this month. How has your online store been effected? Have you run into obstacles in calculating or communicating these changes? TaxJar has put together a handy guide to walk you through the process as an e-tailer, from the basics of sales tax to determining where […]

Collect More Emails to Convert More Sales

Some people think that there is a moment between indecision and decision where the outcome can be influenced by even the gentlest breeze. There are also those who believe that destiny is not fixed, but rather that every action creates a multitude of possible futures that we navigate along during our life’s journey. And right […]

Taking Your Online Business Worldwide

There was a time, not so long ago, when Americans only bought “made in America” and China only sold pottery. OK, not really. Global trade has been around since way before traders moved Italian silk across Eurasia and brought back spices to sell to the nobles. Luckily, for most of us, the spice trading days […]

35 Ultimate Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Recently, Olga over at the Styla blog put together THE ultimate list of actionable tips to help reduce shopping cart abandonment including UX/UI tips, optimization best practices, traffic considerations, and marketing strategies. This is a really great, 35-point list that any online retailer should bookmark to reference and use on an ongoing basis. Well done, Olga! […]

July 4th Shopping Data: Decline in Conversions?

So how did online retailers do this 4th of July? This article on has got some interesting data about the busy US holiday weekend. For example, their analysts found that on July 4th itself, Americans seemed to opt for the holiday celebrations and BBQs instead of shopping online. There was a significant 21% drop in […]

Why “Omnichannel” is a Misunderstood Buzzword

Buzzwords in the industry of online commerce can take the likes of us by storm, and suddenly you see that word appearing everywhere. Every solution now has that word plastered across its site, and every blog is talking about how if you’re not doing *this* you’re an idiot. One of the hottest yet most misunderstood […]

[GUEST POST] Why Shopping Cart Abandonment & Checkout Abandonment are BOTH Key to Conversion

We welcome Scott Fitzgerald, SVP of Marketing at BlueSnap, who has shared this insightful guest post with us. Site traffic is up, but sales aren’t – But why? Is it checkout abandonment? Is it cart abandonment? Time to start managing [all aspects of] abandonment. But what’s the difference between shopping cart abandonment vs. checkout abandonment? […]

15 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

We’ve all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but take a look at these 15 ultimate online shopping fails in this Bored Panda piece entitled “15+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online”. It’s pretty funny and ridiculous, but it also reveals something about the nature of online shopping. Shoppers often take risks when purchasing […]

How to Handle 8 Challenging Customer Service Scenarios with GREGORY CIOTTI

  Wouldn’t it be easy to be able to say “yes!” to all of your customers needs? Unfortunately, there are times when you just gotta refuse. How do you go about that without putting a bad taste in your customer’s mouth? Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout discusses how to retain a posotive customer/merchant relationship when […]

5 ways to alienate your customers with Elizabeth Hollingsworth of PracticalEcommerce

  When running a business, no matter what the size, it’s the little details that make big things happen. And unfortunately, it’s usually those small details that fall throught the cracks and ultimaetly sink your ship. Elizabeth Hollingsworth of PracticalEcommerce outlines 5 fantastic poor customer service practices which garauntee your customers will run for the hills, withut looking […]

[In The News] Brexit: The Moment of Truth for British Commerce

Have you been following the news? I’m not always up on current events (beyond what I see in my Facebook Newsfeed) but when I am, it’s usually ecommerce-related. The “Brexit” situation is coming to a head – TOMORROW – as the UK is holding a referendum to decide if it will stay in or leave the European […]

Marketplaces: The pros and cons of selling in a community space

Your Stuff, Your Site? Or Your Stuff, One of the Biggies Selling on Your Behalf? No one knows better than you what is right for your business. The final word is yours. You’re in charge. You’re the boss. Feels good, right? To be in control of your own destiny? Could be an illusion, though. Maybe relinquishing some […]

A Better Lemonade Stand – 8 Steps To Creating A Brand

    Who am I? And you thought you passed your identity crisis at the age of 17…. One of the essentials to good branding is knowing yourself. Only then, can you move to your business’s name, logo, business model, etc… Strong branding is the most important differentiater out there. With the international market of ecommerce, […]

All You Need to Know About Cart Abandonment with SecurionPay

If your customers can’t find what they want on your site, they’ll find it on your competitor’s site. What are the main reasons for cart abandonment? What can you do to keep customers on your site? Sandra Wrobel-Konior of SecurionPay outlines the top 29 reasons for abandonment and the best ways to combat them. Thanks […]

Mobile Commerce: $284 Billion in Sales and Nearly $600 Billion Left Behind

It’s no secret that mobile and cross-device shopping is steadily dominating the ecommerce space. BI Intelligence reports that by 2020, mobile commerce alone will account for nearly half of all online sales, generating an astounding $284 billion in sales. Projections for 2016 expect mobile commerce to hit $79 billion in sales, generating over 20% of […]

Oh sh*&! Another Amazon Disruption! (And how you can get a piece of the action)

*Rolls eyes*…yup…another tale of how Amazon is going to disrupt ecommerce. And this time they’re going after CPG giants like Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, and Target. Investor’s Business Daily reports that just last month, Amazon put into the works a major expansion that would “challenge legacy retailers across the board.” Do a simple Google search of […]

The Future of Marketing: 4 out of 5 Shoppers Use Smartphones!

Menachem Ani of the JXT Group talks about the multi-channel challenges business face in a world where 4 out of 5 people in the US have a smartphone. Ecommerce shopping via mobile devices is only increasing with time. Are you prepared for cross-device and mobile browsing, shopping, and cart abandonment? Ani has some great tips […]

The Ultimate Shipping Cheat Sheet: Ship Better, Sell Better

Did you know that the NUMBER ONE – yes, the very top reason for shopping cart abandonment is shipping issues? Maybe the shipping options were unclear. The prices were too confusing or simply unknown. Or maybe you just haven’t optimized your shipping process. Richard Lazazzera has created the Ultimate Shipping Strategy Cheat Sheet to make […]

Is Remarketing Creepy? 2 Key Tools to Do it Right

It happens all the time. You’re surfing the web, minding your own business. Maybe you stop by some online store to look at something that catches your eye. Look! Pretty things for pretty people! Ooooooh! Shiny! You click away from the page and don’t give it much thought. The next day, you’re accosted by ads […]

IRCE Chicago: Don’t Miss This Tech vs. Marketing Mashup

IRCE Chigaco begins tomorrow with 130 sessions jam-packed with pro-tips for ecommerce merchants over the course of four days. The session I’m most curious about is one that speaks to the connection between tech and marketing, data and sales, dev teams and sales and marketing teams. Tomorrow at 9:30 am Jason Roussos, Chief Marketing Officer […]

Top Shopper Retention Tools in 2016: A Master List by Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell at MonsterPost is at it again…. Summertime…and the living is easy… Yet for online retailers, summer is the perfect time to both implement tools that will maximize revenue over the vaca season AND prepare for the craziness that is the holiday season come October. Deploying and activating shopper retention tools that convert more of your ecommerce […]

6 tips for shooting your own product photos with Linea Mae

  One of the biggest frustrations with online shopping is the inability to touch and feel the product. “Is that green or turquoise? How will that dress fall on me?” Because of this limitation, it’s crucial to present your products in a way that the customer knows what he is purchasing with as few ambiguities […]

Real time vs. non-real time abandonment solution: a study

Your customer just abandoned his cart. Within 21 to 26 minutes post abandonment, your customer will find a competitor. He’s going, going, gone….. With 69% of all intended purchases being abandoned, you, as a merchant, do not have the luxury to ignore these numbers.  The average non-real time solution responds within 21 hours….. What’s the […]

How emotional triggers get people to buy – Infographic

“Appealing to the logical mind is an important aspect of communication… but don’t forget about the emotional side too. Learn the key emotions to tap into, why it’s effective across many platforms and types of audiences, and tips to craft your own emotional copy with the most powerful words and phrases.”   Emotions play an […]

Infographic-The power of words in email

  Communicating through text can often be misleading.  Because intonation is nonexistent, it’s pretty easy to mean one thing, yet say another. Excitement may come off as impatient, helpful as annoying. Created by Outsource-Philippines, this infographic will make sure you’re not inadvertently alienating your customers:(

Understanding your customer increases sales – Infographic from Pardot B2B Marketing

“No matter how much technology advances, the triggers behind human behavior remain the same. With the right planning, you can use psychology increase conversions and improve your bottom line. Above are five techniques you can use to increase your conversions today!”   Thank you Pardot B2B Marketing for the above infographic. Hats off to you! […]

Checking your ecommerce checkout process with Hanna Wolsfelt

  We’ve all heard the abandonment rate statistic before. 69% of intended purchases are abandoned on ecommerce sites daily. Why? Well, there are many reasons someone abandons their ready-to-go shopping cart. Perhaps your boss walked in just as you were going to order the plane tickets for your not-yet approved vacation , you realized you just missed […]

Understanding how clients value your business with Cameron Routh of Scivantage

Cameron Routh, CCO of Scivantage, discusses the significance of strategic branding, as seen in the replacement of the horse and buggy by the automobile. Additionally, he discusses Scivantage’s journey in defining their product. This fits in nicely with our ‪‎sellvisionnotproduct ‬campaign on the Abandonaid blog. Thanks for sharing, Cameron.

Pinterest – target marketing at it’s best

A target market, as defined so eloquently by Investopedia, is the market (customers) a company wants to sell its products and services to, and to whom it directs its marketing efforts. Identifying the target market is an essential step in the development of a marketing plan. A target market can be separated from the market […]

Top 10 Inspiring Start-up Quotes with Career Addict

      “Do you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start? Are you in need of some inspiration as to how to turn your unique idea into a huge success? These 10 powerful statements about start-ups can help you find the motivation you need to make your first steps […]

4 ways retailers can step up their shipping game with Jeremy Bodenhamer

Approximately 69% of shopping carts are abandoned and of that, 55% of customers abandon their carts due to shipping costs. No matter what, a good abandonment solution is absolutely crucial for your overall abandonment problem, such as Abandonaid.  Jeremy Bodenhamer, co-founder and CEO of ShipHawk, discuses shipping solutions that will help you mitigate this type of […]

Infographic – Boost conversions with Deep End Design

Great informative infographic supplied by GetElastic, designed by Deep End Design.

5 tips for making sure no one forgets your brand with Jessica Kane

You’ve worked so hard (or not) creating a great product, but no one seems to know or care. That’s where your company’s branding comes in. Now it’s time to make yourself memorable. Guest writer for Disruptive Advertising, Jessica Kane, a professional writer who has an interest in graphic design, marketing and printing shares her experience and […]

9 ways to excite your clients this month with Allison Otting

We all want to be loved and so do your customers. Allison Otting of Disruptive Advertising  offers steps to take to express your love and devotion for your clients. Reassure your customer that his success is on your mind. Basically, you’ve got his back covered. You value your customers….time to show them the LOVE:)   […]

How to offer free shipping without loosing the seat of your pants

  How can small to middle sized businesses compete with the larger companies, with regards specifically to free shipping costs? In this article,  Stephen Bulgar of Web Marketing Today discusses the different aspects involved with shipping discounts and which ones will give your business a leg up on your competitors. There is no one answer to this question. […]

Surprise!! (not) #distractionbydesign

7 Mistakes That Will Kill Your B2B Ecommerce Launch with Lori Mcdonald

  B2B ecommerce is a multifaceted business with ever changing variables. Lori McDonald of PracticalEcommerrce covers common mistakes ecommerce businesses often encounter. She touches on design, user experience, software development, and marketing steps to take in order to be an effective B2B ecommerce site.

5 Ways to Improve Mobile Commerce in 2016 with Armando Roggio

  Presently, 25% of online sales are purchased from a mobile device. If you think the user experience of your site is important, all the more so is true for your mobile app. When people are on their mobile phones, they are on the go. A site that loads slowly or requires too many steps, […]

Decide, or get off the net! #distractionbydesign

How to bulletproof your online business with Richard Lazazzera

Every business faces security threats and your e-commerce business isn’t any different. For this reason, it’s crucial to identify your business’ weaknesses in order to properly protect yourself. Richard Lazazzera from A Better Lemonade Stand addresses these security risks and how to prevent being targeted.

Measurable data – How important are your analytics?

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Don’t let them lead you astray.  (Way to go, Coen bros!) Analytics help you discover where you are wasting money and where new opportunities for growth lie. The collection of comprehensive analytics enables a business to assess its behavior, producing actionable data. Jacob Baadsgaard of Disruptive Advertising discusses how to find the weak financial links in your […]

3 ways to sell products that don’t sell – with Pamela Hazelton

I understand why the fleece lined boots don’t sell in June, but what about the high demand, essential products that just sit and sit and sit? What am I doing wrong? What can I do differently to get the traction this product deserves? Pamela Hazelton of Practical Ecommerce has great insights on the topic. Take it […]

Always #sellvisionnotproduct

The women of the 60’s sure did have to burn a lot of bras to produce these beautifully confidant young women. Empowerment. Elicits. Passion. (Did anyone hear mention of what their product is????) #sellvisionnotproduct LOVE IT!

It’s all depends on the delivery…#distractionbydesign

Are you tired of being ABANDONED?

Cart abandonment is a massive problem on the e-commerce front. Online shoppers add items to their carts that they might be interested in purchasing. Sometimes the sale is completed right away but 74% of all online sales are abandoned. 74% of your revenue never makes it home. This number CANNOT be ignored. Neil Patel of Quicksprout […]

How to best optimize your product display with Mei Pak

One of the challenges of an e-commerce business is the inability of the customer to touch and feel the product of interest. How will the fabric fall on my body? Will that vase be too big for that hallway table? Where exactly do these frames sit on the nose bridge? These are some of the […]

Shop at your own risk…#distractionbydesign

Five promos for your shop that make you sales with Mei Pak

Mei Pak of Creative Hive shares successful promotions she utilizes in her own business. Part of growing is keeping your products and site fresh. Mei Pak offers creative, practical promotions that do just that. Thx Mei for your words of wisdom:)

It’s all relative… #distractionbydesign

Don’t appreciate your boring desk job? One minute into the life of this dude may put things into perspective for you…

Samsung #sellvisionnotproduct

First of all, this girl is adorable. Why would Samsung use this clip to promote cell phones? She seems a little young for a smart phone and we get NO specs for a device, let alone a mention, description or image of a product. My take on it – We want you to feel as […]

Which e-commerce platform suits your business needs?

Selecting the most suitable e-commerce platform for creating, managing and maintaining an e-commerce website is critically important, as it can be the factor responsible for either the success or failure of your business. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Which platform best fits your needs? Denis Pavlovsky of Provectus reviews 4 of the most popular […]

How to get your first 100 sales with Neil Patel

Just getting into e-commerce? I recently discovered this site and LOVE it (and its name!) Richard Lazazzera‘s A Better Lemonade Stand outlines crucial steps necessary to start and grow your online business. This article by Neil Patel discusses how to acquire your first 100 sales. Very informative article. Thanks Neil:)  

Ben & Jerry’s #sellvisionnotproduct

The only place we could get quality ice cream in Houston, Texas in the 70’s was Haagan Dazs and this hole in the wall in Montrose. The quality was top notch, but the flavors needed a little work. THAT’S where Ben & Jerry’s came in. Ever since my first bite of Heath Bar Crunch, now known […]

Burt’s Bees #sellvisionnotproduct

Not a word about the product is mentioned. How much better can one high end lip balm be than the next….? The one that encourages you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, of course:)

How to write emails if you want people to actually respond

Hayley Tsukayama of The Washington Post gives practical and crucial advice in her article How to Write Emails if you Want People to Actually Respond . Quite honestly, I was pretty surprised to find out that the most effective level of written English, as far as response, is 3rd grade. Who’d a’ known? I did fairly well […]

Mobile, mobile, mobile

It’s time to dot your “I”s and cross your “T’s” in the mobile arena. The number of smartphone users around the world continues to increase every year with predictions of users surpassing 2 billion in 2016, according to new figures from eMarketer. Small businesses can find it hard to keep up with the constant technology changes, as […]

What dosage would do it for you?

Here’s 1 minute and 32 seconds of healthy digression. Go ahead, pamper yourself with a cleansing breath of humor. Your welcome:)

Corona Extra #sellvisionnotproduct

I love this commercial. I saw The Hateful Eight with my 16 and 17 year olds last night. (Yes, the movie was brilliant. Thanks Quentin. You nailed it, yet again.) This commercial aired in the theater and I just knew within the first 5 seconds that I’d found another #sellvisionnotproduct. Here you go… Any thoughts on what message/image […]

How to be in the driver’s seat in business

Anchoring or focalism is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered (the “anchor”) when making decision. This is what it all means, Basil. While you may not have the powers to create an outcome, you certainly can have quite a bit of […]

7 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Ecommerce Site

Last year, I wanted to buy a used piano. What do I know about pianos? Nothing. Before I could make an expensive purchase of a product I knew nothing about, I first had to find a company/person, who I could establish a relationship with and who had gained my trust. In order to accomplish this, which BTW, […]

How to display your products and turn visitors into customers

The user’s experience within the first 8 seconds determines whether you drive them away from your site or drive them to purchase and checkout. Choosing an appropriate way to showcase your products is your first challenge.  ALL of us are still driven by our first impression consciously or subconsciously.  Tucker Schreiber of Shopify in 7 Effective […]

The delicate science of product pricing is complicated and ever changing

    Finding the sweet spot in pricing isn’t a simple task.  You can only go so far pricing all your products based on a fixed markup from cost.  Product price should vary depending on a number of factors including: -what the market is willing to pay -how your company and product are perceived in […]

Steps to prevent Illegitimate chargebacks

  Illegitimate chargebacks are one of the single biggest issues e-commerce merchants have to deal with on a daily basis. Chargebacks can result from a number of causes, including customer disputes, processing errors, authorization issues, inaccurate transaction information and yes, fraud. E commerce businesses are particularly susceptible to this type of fraud. Rick Lynch of […]

The top 8 challenges every business faces – Interview with Neal Jensen

Neal Jensen is an entrepreneur who has led companies ranging from start ups through Fortune 500. His greatest strength lies in helping to grow small and private enterprises for maximum success. He is managing director of Qazztek, a consulting company that provides strategic and financial advice to small companies throughout the U.S. In this interview conducted […]

Pricing Biases- confusing price and value

Laurie Santos, of Yale University, Department of Psychology, examines how people’s economic choices tend to confuse price and value.  She then discusses how these pricing biases compel us to incorrectly assume that higher priced goods will often work and taste better. Fascinating.

5 stumbling blocks you want to avoid as an online retailer

  Don’t give your customers a chance to reconsider their purchases. The more stumbling blocks thrown in front of your customer, the higher chance he’ll loose your trust and turn him away…forever. Your cart display, site and shopping cart design, search engine capability, product description and UI will either help or hinder your success. UltraCart […]

5 Crucial Pricing Strategy Ethics Issues

Some tactics are considered quite unethical, and you may be committing these missteps without even knowing. In 5 Must Know Pricing Strategy Ethics Issues,  by Vivian Guo of Price Intelligently discusses the following practices to stay away from: 1- price fixing 2- bid rigging 3- price discrimination 4- price skimming 5- monopoly pricing Important read! ‪#‎pricing‬‪#‎ecommerce‬ ‪#‎businesspractices‬

10 of the Best Landing Pages That Convert 100% with Nick Campbell

Your landing page must be the central point of your online marketing campaign. Designed wisely, it can generate more leads and increase the ROI rate of your bottom line.  Nick Campbell from MonsterPost  shares 10 of the best landing pages that convert 100%. Take a look at the these designs and learn what features make them […]

Don’t Cry…How to fix typical ecommerce problems

Avoid the following problems ecommerce businesses face by heeding principles that create a convenient, safe, and pleasant shopping environment for consumers. 1- poor first impression 2- inadequate search engine quality 3- poor product descriptions 4- lack of related product features 5- poor check out process 6- limited payment options 7- hidden costs 8- not leading […]

ILTV Exclusive Interview with AbandonAid CEO James Oppenheim exclusive! Natasha Kirtchuk interviews AbandonAid CEO James Oppenheim on the innovation, enterpreneurism, and perseverance of high tech in Israel. ‪#madewithloveinisrael‬.

Top 5 Best Business Tactics For E-Commerce Websites with Matt Self

In-store Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping dropped a whopping 10% over last year, while online shopping over the same two days rose by double digits. For e-commerce sites, this is great news, but it also challenges businesses to keep up with the Jones’ and always remain cutting-edge in the market. Matt Self of Web Talent Marketing […]

The 6 factors that influence others to say “yes” to the request of others – The Science of Persuasion

How are we persuaded? When making a decision, it would be nice to think people consider all the available information in order to guide their thinking. Yet, in the increasingly overloaded lives we lead, we need rules of thumb (shortcuts) to guide our decision making. Dr. Robert Cialdini of Influence At Work identifies 6 universal […]

How to get first-time visitors hooked on your site with MonsterPost

The average attention span of the online surfer is about 8 seconds. That is not much time to engage a customer. How do you know what your customers want to find on your page? How to create content that your visitors will admire? How do they like the content that you offer? What do they […]

Why and how to use onsite abandonment prevention messaging to reduce shopping cart abandonment

The Problem: Costly Cart Abandonment Meet Jane, your customer. Your advertising and marketing efforts successfully guide Jane to your site. Your products and attractive design succeed in intriguing Jane. Excited Jane selects a number of products and places them in her cart. Then Jane arrives at your checkout page. Jane suddenly abandons her cart in […]

How to attract and retain users to your site – understand your customers’ intent

  Your inventory is finalized. Your site is clean, creative, uncluttered and has great UI. Your team is motivated. So when do the orders start pilling in? Well, that largely depends on 1- your targeted customers’ intent  (whether he be in the research or transactional stage of purchasing), 2- your choice of keywords and headlines […]

The Times (and pricing model)…They Are a-Changin

  It’s a brand new year. Do you know what that means? Besides counting up your holiday sales, already getting your paperwork ready for tax season and admitting that your gym-every-morning-at-6am resolution may have been a tiny bit over-ambitious, it also means that we have a new chance to make your life easier (and more profitable) by […]

Budweiser #sellvisionnotproduct

‪#‎sellvisionnotproduct‬ Notice not once do we see a beer or hear the mention of beer, and we are left with good associations vis a vis Budweiser beer. Well done.

Apple #sellvisionnotproduct

Here’s another commercial in the #sellvisionnotproduct series. It speaks for itself.  

Apple #sellvisionnotproduct

Apple puts in their share of #sellvisionnotproduct commercials. Any thoughts on what the sale is here?

Levis #sellvisionnotproduct

Being a dancer, of course this piqued my interest. Levis is now officially a member of our #sellvisionnotproduct series. Welcome aboard, Levis 🙂

Pepsi #sellvisionnotproduct

Positively my favorite commercial of all time.  What do you think this advertisement has to do with Pepsi?

Volkswagen #sellvisionnotproduct

With great power comes great responsibility, Darth:) Any thoughts on what Volkswagen is selling here?    

Unboxing IKEA

Great spoof on unboxing videos (the unpacking of new products), Amazingly, unboxing videos are the largest genre of videos on YouTube today. Well done, IKEA!

This is water

While this clip by David Foster Wallace may not be directly related to ecommerce, its message affects everything we do in life, relationships, and business.

25 Days of Gifts – Tea time, all the time!

  LibreTea offers a stylish, convenient solution for tea and herb infusions ‘on the go’. LibreTea infusers have a glass interior and durable poly exterior. They can be used for both hot and cold tea and are break resistant. The wide mouth and removable stainless steel filter which keeps the loose tea leaves away from your mouth […]

25 Days of Gifts – Indulge me!

  Your skin deserves only the best.  Ayurda skin care products has a large array of healthy, nourishing skin products everyone (even your grumpy old aunt who makes complaining a hobby) will just love! Each and every blend is hand-crafted in small batches to maintain integrity and freshness. All essential oils and raw materials are […]

25 Days of Gifts – I Do!

Whether you’ve found The One now or 50 years ago, your loved one will sparkle on the inside and out with a diamond ring from Superlight Diamonds.

25 Days of Gifts – Dinner is served!

  Our team at Abandonaid unanimously, hands down, LOVE Frenchbull‘s vibrant, creative, and downright beautiful products. Put a little pizazz at your next luncheon, family dinner, or graduation party. With dishes so unique, you better start working on your menu now. Did I mention, I love these dishes?

25 Days of Gifts – Being perfect isn’t as hard as it used to be

Those who create, need tools to bring their visions to fruition. Composers, editors, filmmakers, and your brother who travels the world documenting his inspirations, will take their creative expression to the next level with Crumplepop‘s top notch and easy to use audio and visual editing tools for Final Cut Pro X.

25 Days of Gifts – Take those old records off the shelf!

Ray Ban frames for big and little people, from Gaffos are a classic look anyone would die for.

25 Days of Gifts – Say cheese!

Capture a split second of joy on your mobile device, and experience it (this time without the sand in your sandwich) for a lifetime with MailPix canvas prints.

25 Days of Gifts – Pass the sugar, please!

I’m lovin’ this handy dandy chalkboard mug from Gifts Australia and so will your coffee addicted friends!

25 Days of Gifts – You had me at Hello

Make it easy for your friends and family overseas to be in touch with Vonage‘s World Plan. Suddenly, Paris doesn’t seem so far away.

25 Days of Gifts – Bring France home for the holidays

Ooooo La La!

25 Days of Gifts – The weather outside is frightful

You and your special someone should be in this picture of paradise (I know I should.) Surprise him/her with a well-deserved vacation from Skiddoo!

25 Days of Gifts – You’re in the army now!

Go green with this shoulder bag from So versatile and cool! Use it as a funky school bag, purse, or briefcase.

25 Days of Gifts – Little clothes for little people

  This little piggie went to market IN STYLE!

25 Days of Gifts – Give another little piece of your heart, now Baby!

What better way to hi five a loved one? This delicate heart necklace from ChloBo has I LOVE YOU! written all over it.

25 Days of Gifts – Throw that dog a bone!

As cute as Fido is, his BO is not. Pet liners for all car models in a variety of colors from is your answer.

25 Days of Gifts – Have you gone MAD?

Who says the family couch potato isn’t productive? The Mad Men DVD series from Couch Potato is a MUST see! (which, by definition means it’s a must give)…

25 Days of Gifts – Say it with a picture

A great gift for your sister who just moved into her first apartment, your boss whose office needs a serious makeover, or your parents’ living room that is ready for the 21st century (that stuffed bear over the fireplace is ready for a yard sale). Gray Malin is your go-to for unframed prints.

25 Days of Gifts – Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Be a winner vicariously. Give your athlete buddy a leg up in his/her next triathlon with professional gear from SL3S!

25 Days of Gifts – Let there be light

If you’re looking for a creative way to brighten a small space, rope lights from Lighting & could be just what you need!

25 Days of Gifts – Up, up, and under, over, through and around

The Parrot Jumping Sumo from Modlife will help you tap into your inner child. Who said toys were just for kids? Grown ups are people too, ya know!

25 Days of Gifts – Pamper Me!

  Everyone deserves to be pampered! SheaMoisture bath & body care products nourish the body and soul. SheaMoisture carries a full line of women’s, men’s, children’s and baby’s products that are good for you and planet Earth.

25 Days of Gifts – Can I get a look at that?

Need a fun, practical gift for Grandma? LOOK no more, these colorful, eco friendly reading glasses with matching case from ICU Eyewear are sure to turn heads at Tuesday night Bingo 🙂

25 Days of Gifts – Greetings! From Planet Earth

We looove these eco-friendly greeting cards from Your employees will feel appreciated, and you’ll feel like you’ve done your part for planet Earth. Win/Win 🙂

25 Days of Gifts – Peruvian Jewelry Gone Wild

This Peruvian jewelry from Shaman’s Market won big time in our staff picks contest.

25 Days of Gifts – Got a towel?

The team at Abandonaid often finds awesome products on our clients’ sites. “Wow, Dena, did you see this??” “Oooh, I could use one of those!” We can’t keep them a secret anymore. So, as there are 25 days between Cyber Monday and Christmas Day, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to let you in on our […]

To buy or not to buy: Understanding consumer behavior

Decision making in the blink of an eye. Swoosh! Another 2 points for Malcolm Gladwell. Consumers make a decision whether or not to make a purchase based on their first impression. Understanding the psychology of  decision making is a priority when presenting your business and products.

Get It All This Fall: $79 for UNLIMITED RECOVERED SALES Through the End of the Year!

Your summer tan is fading. You’ve put away the white pants and the Bermuda shirts. Pumpkin-spice-flavored everything surrounds us and people are shopping. Lots of people are shopping. More and more are shopping online. Some experts predict there will be $83 billion in online sales this year, up 11% from last year. That’s a lot […]

5 Ways to Increase Checkout Conversions

  One of the factors that goes part and parcel with cart abandonment is checkout conversion. It’s basically the meat and potatoes of the customer conversion process. Checkout conversion indicates the number of customers who completed the checkout process–put in their shipping info, got the thank you page, the whole shebang. In order to increase […]

Do Colors Affect Your Customer’s Buying Behavior?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. According to Wikipedia, the idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphorical phrase which means “you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone”.[1] This sounds all nice and fuzzy, but it’s a lie we’ve all fallen for. According to Malcom Gladwell […]

With Limited Resources, a Small Business Must Prioritize

You are a small business with limited resources. In addition, with the holidays quickly creeping up on you, you have limited time. WHERE DO I PUT MOST OF MY EFFORTS? How can I best maximize my profits during what should be your most highly profitable season? Time to prioritize! One of the first rules for […]

How to Manage Out of Stock Products Online and Still Make the Sale

  Here’s an excerpt from Old Navy’s online store policy landing page. As you add items to your shopping bag, we will display your bag in the right hand corner of your screen, including the brand, item name, quantity, and price per unit. We will automatically save the items in your shopping bag for 45 […]

Our Kickin’ Code

  Data tracking is a pivotal component of maintaining your ecommerce business and preventing cart abandonment, but implementing code for your recovery campaign onto your site comes with many concerns and therefore apprehension.

Prioritizing Usability Over Design

One of the most frustrating experiences as a consumer shopping online is coping with confusing, non-intuitive websites. While we DO judge a book by its cover, still many of us would give a book at least a sitting to prove its worthiness. We don’t give websites such benefit of our doubts. Jakob Nielsen asks the question: How […]

6 Ways to Optimize your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays

    Online shopping has become one of the most popular methods for buying seasonal products. Shopping for the holiday season starts earlier each year, and you can take full advantage by taking several steps towards optimizing your ecommerce site for this prime buying season.

Top Remarketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

  Remarketing is among the most productive forms of ecommerce marketing available–which makes sense since the people you are soliciting are people who have already shown some interest in your products and services. Most ecommerce site owners put significant investments into implementing remarketing campaigns and strategies, but they are sometimes rather disappointed with the results. […]

Challenges Your Ecommerce Business May Face…Besides Cart Abandonment

Imagine a grocery store where only 20% of the people who put items into a cart actually end up buying those items at the checkout line. This is exactly the situation that online retailers face–it’s no wonder that cart abandonment is high on their list of concerns. Nonetheless, there are other challenges online shop owners face, […]

8 Email Remarketing Best Practices

Using emails to follow up on visitors who left your ecommerce site without making a purchase, particularly those who filled but then abandoned shopping carts, is one of the most lucrative of all remarketing strategies. Using data you have collected on these “runaway prospects” to make your email remarketing campaign more targeted, rather than simply […]

What is Remarketing and How Can My Ecommerce Site Use It?

Online retailers typically invest a large amount of time, effort, and money into ecommerce marketing strategies to draw potential clients to their websites. However, one of the most startling facts about online sales is that four out of five shopping carts are abandoned before a purchase is ever made. It is also true that most […]

Are Your Company’s Values INSIDE OUT?

**The above image is a promotional photo owned by The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios, as are the characters it depicts. Last Saturday night my husband, four older kids and I went to see Pixar’s new movie INSIDE OUT. The film was sheer brilliance. Not just because the plot was creative, or the […]

How Live Chat Helps Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

  We don’t have to tell you that shopping cart abandonment is an increasing issue for online stores. In fact, we bet you’ve also seen the recent shopping cart abandonment statistics from Baymardindicating that almost 70% of online shoppers stop the buying process somewhere along the line. It’s well understand by nearly everyone in our […]

What Influences Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

  More and more, e-commerce site owners are recognizing a universal truth in their industry: understanding the reasons for shopping cart abandonment  is key to increasing daily business transactions. Several factors lead to incomplete purchases, customer loss, and a general decline in website traffic–most of which are preventable and in fact reversible with the proper […]

How to Calculate Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

  It’s rare that you see half full shopping carts lying around department stores, supermarkets, or other brick and mortar establishments, just abandoned by their shoppers. So then why is shopping cart abandonment such an issue for e-commerce sites?   Well, truth be told, there are a lot of reasons. And a lot of things […]

Tales from the Trenches: Roses and Teacups

  Welcome to our exciting new series on the AbandonAid blog: Tales from the Trenches. Each week, you’ll get to meet an online shop owner or e-commerce site manager. They will share their personal journey, tips & tricks, and advice they wish someone had given them! Catch up on the whole series here.   Name: Nancy Guenther […]

6 Best Practices for Sending a Cart Abandonment Email

  We know how difficult it can be to build a strong online presence and capture all of your potential sales. With the growing amount of competition out there and the many reasons for an abandoned cart, it can actually be downright frustrating. However, don’t dismay just yet. Losing sales daily because of slow upload […]

Check it Out: 10 Ways to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Want to increase your online business? It’s a lot easier than you think. In our experience, one small change that goes a long way in increasing revenue is optimizing your e-commerce shopping carts. Abandoned shopping carts remain responsible for over half of incomplete purchases. That’s a big number, but like we said–it’s an easy one […]

Tales from the Trenches: La Mav Organic Skin Science

  Welcome to our exciting new series on the AbandonAid blog: Tales from the Trenches. Each week, you’ll get to meet an online shop owner or e-commerce site manager. They will share their personal journey, tips & tricks, and advice they wish someone had given them! Catch up on the whole series here.   Name: Mike Maddox […]

Meet the E-Commerce Expert: Steve Chou of “My Wife Quit Her Job”

  In 2007, Steve Chou and his wife Jennifer were unhappy with their day jobs. After Jennifer got pregnant with their first child, she finally decided to quit, and the two budding entrepreneurs started an e-commerce business that has flourished greatly. Since then, Steve has grown 3 six-figure businesses, including his popular blog “My Wife […]

Meet Our Community Manager, Rachel!

Photo credit: David Zimand Hey there. My name is Rachel. I am a mom of 9 kids, an athlete, a dancer, and a bass guitarist. In my day job, I’m the Community Manager at AbandonAid.   At this week’s team meeting, we ran through the newly engineered sign up process for our upcoming product launch […]

Understand Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate… and Lower It!

We at AbandonAid understand more than most the one problem that affects every online shop in the world: shopping cart abandonment. Cart abandonment occurs when shoppers add items to their online cart and then log off without completing the checkout process.  

How to Calculate Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

  It’s rare that you see half full shopping carts lying around department stores, supermarkets, or other brick and mortar establishments, just abandoned by their shoppers. So then why is shopping cart abandonment such an issue for e-commerce sites?   Well, truth be told, there are a lot of reasons. And a lot of things […]

Understand Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate… and Lower It!

    We at AbandonAid understand more than most the one problem that affects every online shop in the world: shopping cart abandonment. Cart abandonment occurs when shoppers add items to their online cart and then log off without completing the checkout process.  

Tales from the Trenches: Replacement Lens Express

  Welcome to our exciting new series on the AbandonAid blog: Tales from the Trenches. Each week, you’ll get to meet an online shop owner or e-commerce site manager. They will share their personal journey, tips & tricks, and advice they wish someone had given them! Catch up on thewhole series here. Name: Stephanie Bealing […]

Tales from the Trenches: SKEANIE Shoes for Kids

Welcome to our exciting new series on the AbandonAid blog: Tales from the Trenches. Each week, you’ll get to meet an online shop owner or e-commerce site manager. They will share their personal journey, tips & tricks, and advice they wish someone had given them! Catch up on thewhole series here.     Name: Natasha […]

A New Series: Tales from the Trenches

We’re so excited to be launching a new series on the AbandonAid Blog today: Tales from the Trenches!   We’re highlighting our amazing customers who run some of the most innovative and unique online shops around the world.   You’ll get to hear from business owners and managers who are running ecommerce operations selling everything […]

10 Reasons Why Consumers Abandon Online Shopping Carts & How to Fix Them

We were thrilled to be featured on Hubspot’s renowned marketing blog (read by over 400,000 people!) recently.Here is an excerpt of the piece: A study by Baymard Institute found that 68.5% of consumers abandon their online shopping carts. That equals a lot of lost revenue for brands. The more concerning issue is that many online sellers don’t understand […]

Top Remarketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

    Remarketing is among the most productive forms of ecommerce marketing available–which makes sense since the people you are soliciting are people who have already shown some interest in your products and services. Most ecommerce site owners put significant investments into implementing remarketing campaigns and strategies, but they are sometimes rather disappointed with the […]