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Time to Make Changes

The results of the US election have left some people feeling hopeless and lost. Others are left feeling empowered and ready for a change. Regardless of which camp you fall into, most people are feeling the need to make their own personal changes in their lives. Try to make a difference on a personal level, […]


How to curb that high abandonment rate

Make sure you stop those abandonments before they even happen! High shipping and tax fees, account logins, websites crashing and more… all reasons people abandon their carts.


5 e-commerce trends in 2016 | Huffington Post

Some very important new Ecommerce trends for 2016. Flash sales are a big one- like prime day and black friday. Another is quicker shipping- a trend started by amazon’s same day shipping. Anyone seeing any other major trends for Ecommerce this year? Mobile sales are going up as well. from AbandonAid via IFTTT

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“Email Me My Cart”- Why you need this solution for your Ecommerce site this holiday season

With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone is going into shopping mode. Some are already shopping. Some are making lists. Some haven’t thought about it yet, but soon enough, they will be plunging in. Online shopping this year (2016) is up 45% from last year. That is huge. Ecommerce is growing. Abandonaid has […]

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Welcome emails

Welcome emails: How important they are and how best to execute them


10 web design trends that boost conversions: full-width images, split-screen layouts and more..


5 big mistakes Ecommerce companies make that can ruin their sales.

Shopify’s blog shares the 5 biggest design mistakes that can ruin sales on an Ecommerce site.


3 Ways You can Increase Repeat Purchases With OroCRM

OroCRM is a powerful tool that ecommerce businesses can use to effectively and efficiently manage all things client-related, from workflows to marketing to client communication and account management. Now, every online retailer not only wants to sell their products to as many shoppers as possible. Merchants want – and should be able – to sell […]